Registration for Visitor and Prisoner

Family members or relatives with documentary evidence must register as visitors. The system will digitally record visitors check-in and check-out times for analysis at a later date. The identity of the visitor will be saved automatically

Prisoner Profilling

Assist the investigation process by evaluating the identity, evidence, behavioral and psychological traces to infer characteristics of the detainee or even linking the person to a series of offenses.

Cell Management

Make it easy for prison officials to access and handle all visitor and cell information. Storing prisoner visit information in a digital archive. Make it easy to manage and make the necessary routine reports.

Medical Management

Help monitor, collect and manage health information for each detainee. Make it easier for health care providers to obtain medical histories, prescriptions, and lab results remotely. Creating a database and reference in taking medical action.

Prison and Correction Maintenance Management

Record all information about building facilities and prison cells, equipment, spare parts and digital assets. Easily manage maintenance schedules & identify missed maintenance.The created task template can be used to create work orders for scheduled maintenance jobs

Patrol and Shifting Schedule

Make it easy for the leadership to create an adjustable patrol schedule. This system is used to ensure that security guards are working and are at a certain time in a location.This module records the turn of security officers in various situations such as security guards on patrol, and correctional officers inspecting detention cell areas. All time and location data will be stored in the system.

Infrastructure and Asset Maintenance Management

Apply an integrated asset data management starting from recording, maintenance, location, and asset condition. Store all data about assets in one place with features to make it easier to search asset data based on criteria. Make decisions in asset management so that it is more efficient to prevent waste and loss of assets. Asset data reports can be exported in PDF format or can be printed directly via a printer device..

Detention Status

This feature makes it easy to find out the status of prisoners, from the date of entry, date of expiration, to the history of the list of law violations. All information displayed can be converted into a pdf file for printing.